Four Time Deportee Accused of Molesting Girl

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PARKER COUNTY, TX — An illegal immigrant, deported four times, is accused of breaking into a Springtown home and molesting a nine-year-old girl.

Deputies say Israel Andrade came back across the border a month ago. According to the arrest affidavit, he started assaulting the sleeping girl. She screamed for her parents and he managed to get away.

Andrade could run, but he couldn’t hide for long. He’s now sitting in the Parker County jail charged with burglary and sex crimes with a minor.

“We`re very fortunate that we didn’t have a really tragic thing going on here,” said Sheriff Larry Fowler. “If that child hadn’t had the presence of mind to bolt like she did who knows what the outcome could’ve been.”

Sheriff Fowler knows the outcome he’s looking for.

“It`s time for the federal government to step up. I`m tired of it, law enforcement across the nation is tired of it… I`m tired of politics, cause that`s what it is, politics. Secure the border and let’s get on with it.”