Candy ‘Bar’ Opens in Deep Ellum

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Passersby Mistake Speakeasy for Candy Store

Call it Deep Ellum’s sweet secret. Truth & Alibi is a new bar that operates behind a hidden door, disguised as a candy shop.

“Back in the old prohibition days, when alcohol was banned you couldn’t open up any bars,” bar co-owner Chris Beardon said, “there would be operating businesses like a hardware store or a candy shop. Basically, there would always be a secret door and a password to go into the back and have a cocktail.”

Truth & Alibi wants to bring the Roaring 20’s concept to the 21st century. Each week, the club posts a password on its Facebook page.

“It gives it, like, an ‘exclusive members’ feel to it,” Beardon explained. “Obviously, if it’s your first time here, we’re not going to turn you away. We`ll give them hints.”

The candy store front appears to be working.

“Many times, during the day, people will walk by and it’s locked,” Beardon said. “That’s sort of the whole aspect of a speakeasy; you kind of have to hear about it through word of mouth.”

The bar is Beardon’s first shot a running a business. “I’ve been bartending for 10 years now here in Dallas. I wanted to do something fun where I`d like to hang out.”

“I’m extremely nervous, it`s all new to me,” Beardon said. “We`re going into our third week, the response has been great, people love it.”

Looks like the places gives a whole new meaning to the word candy bar.