Suspicious Texts Grounds Dallas-Bound Flight in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS – An American Airlines flight, bound from Newark to DFW International Airport, was forced to make an alternate landing in St. Louis, after reports of suspicious text messages sent from a passenger.

Flight 1691, carried 122-passengers, when the plane was abruptly diverted Thursday night.

The carrier confirmed a passenger reportedly witnessed another traveler send threatening text messages, involving terrorists activity, from his cell phone.

It’s unclear how close the witness was sitting next to the passenger in question.  The concerned passenger notified the crew, and a decision was made to divert the plane to St. Louis. Once the jet landed, the suspicious passenger was taken off the plane in handcuffs, and question by St. Louis police.

Two hours later, the flight continued on to DFW, with one less passenger.

As for the suspected terrorist, he was put up in a hotel for the night, and booked on the next flight to Dallas.