Killer Poses: Cheerleader Shows Softer Side; Spielberg’s ‘Jurassic’ Joke

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Killer Poses: Cheerleader Shows Softer Side

Look who appears to be taking aim at her critics? Kendall Jones – the teenage Texas Tech cheerleader known more for her exotic kills, than her kicks is now showing off her softer side.

Her latest pics posted on her Facebook page, which now boasts over 590,000 likes, show Jones with cuddly creatures: her Chihuahua Nemo and a sweet fawn.

A caption above the post with the fawn reads: “Coyote was within 30 yards but we ran him off.” Guess that makes her a deer for saving that animal.

Well, turns out Jones isn’t the only one under the gun for polarizing killer poses.

A picture of decorated director, Steven Spielberg, posing next to what appears to be a dead dinosaur, has gone viral. The not so special effect had some blasting the bit. Spielberg was called “disgusting” and “inhumane.”

Talk about a Jurassic joke—c’mon folks, dinosaurs are extinct. The creature in Spielberg’s pic is an animatronic triceratops.

king kongWhat’s next? Going ape over pretend pics of a poached King Kong?

shark girlOr sultry snaps with a shark? Oh, wait – that one’s real.

Bottom line: maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to pounce on people, and just tame our animal instincts.