Hot Car PSA’s Could Save Lives This Summer

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Hot Car PSA’s Could Save Lives This Summer

HIGHLAND VILLAGE- Questions continue to surface regarding the death of two-year-old Cooper Harris. The toddler died after seven excruciating hours in a sweltering car. Did his father forget him, or was this a premeditated plan to be child free?

That question will be answered in court, but there’s no question leaving a kid in a car can be deadly.

One of Highland Village’s finest, Officer Jesse Peterson, locked himself in his patrol car to show what it’s like in a scorching hot car.

Ofc. Peterson recorded his experiment and started the clock. His video shows he was in his car five minutes when he started to sweat.

“The high outside is 94 degrees, Texas, I’m feeling okay, a little bit of sweat is starting to build,” Ofc. Peterson said.

By the 30-minute mark, things didn’t look so cool.

“It is rough in here, my breathing continues to get harder, it’s pretty much like sitting in a sauna,” he said.

He’s one among a growing number of people posting hot-car videos on YouTube.

An officer in Louisiana, also put himself to the hot car test.

“I’m nine minutes in, I’ve got sweat everywhere, it’s hard to breath, it’s very hot,” said the Thibodaux Police Officer.

Even Terry Williams, a dad from North Carolina, sat in a hot car to see what kids locked in hot cars go through.

“There always be some fool that wants to leave their kid in the back seat of the car and forget all about them. Do you really love your kids,” said Williams.

Temperatures are expected to reach the triple digits this weekend. So remember, your car is not a babysitter.

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