Firefighter Saves Chihuahua With “Mouth-to-Snout” Resuscitation

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Firefighter Saves Chihuahua With “Mouth-to-Snout” Resuscitation

Addison – Firefighters are trained to face the unexpected, but what Captain Scott Ledet came face to face with, isn’t covered in the manuals.

It all started when Yvette Childers’ RV suddenly burst into flames. She made it safely outside, but her Chihuahua, Pony, was trapped inside.
By the time Addison Firefighters reached the dog, her health appeared questionable.

That’s when Captain Ledet stepped in to save the day.

“I just started performing CPR like I would if it was any other person,” Capt. Ledet said. “It never really crossed my mind to not do it.”

Ledet performed CPR and mouth to, well snout, for twenty-minutes. His efforts saved Pony from the big doghouse in the sky.

While the dog was saved, Childers lost everything in the fire. The RV was her transportation and her home.

Now, Childers depends on the kindness of strangers. The Red Cross has helped her with temporary housing at a local motel; room enough for both her and  Pony, of course. A Go Fund Me page has also been set up to get her back on her feet.
To top everything, get this: Pony has a history of escaping disaster. She was one of the dogs rescued from the West fertilizer plant explosion. This is one lucky dog

There`s still a ways to go for this story to have a truly happy ending, but at least Yvette has what she needs to keep going.

“I`m so glad she survived because I couldn`t have taken it.” said Childers, “If she had died it would`ve been too much to lose everything and then her.”

If you’d like to help Yvette and Pony, you can donate here.