Capture Countdown: Victim of Freed Inmate Speaks

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Dallas, TX—Nearly a month has passed since nearly two dozen prisoners were mistakenly released from Dallas County Jail.  The cases weren’t filed in time, and a new computer system experienced a glitch.

Three men were re-arrested, but there are  20 more to go, including Ricardo Johnson.  He was busted for taking a BMW on a joy ride.

“I got up for work and I suddenly discovered that my car was not outside my home where I’d left it,” victim Neil Devroy said.  “Had I parked it in some strange place? I was shocked!”

Devroy called the cops, stunned about how someone stole his vehicle out of his gated community.

“This car was my baby,” he added.  “I’d planned to keep it for another 10 years.”

According to police records, Johnson was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

“[The police said] in the trunk of the car were four large cement blocks. I said, what the heck are those for?  If he steals this car, it’s a rental car, and it’s not a very great rental car. There’s a lot of cars stolen in Dallas. They would happen to spot my car and recover the car.  Dallas Police did a good job.  I hope they can find him and bring him to justice.”