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Restaurant Cook Finds ‘God’ in Eggplant

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Restaurant Cook Finds 'God' in Eggplant

BATON ROUGE, LA – If you’re looking for food that’s Heaven sent, you may need to head to Baton Rouge.

Gino’s Italian Family Restaurant just received a sign from above; well, at least their cook did.

He cut into an eggplant and found a pretty interesting message planted inside.

“When you sliced into it, the pattern showed from the seeds that were forming in the inside the letters G-O-D as God,” restaurant cook Jemarcus Brady said.
Talk about a ‘Holy Trinity’ of letters. So, what does the restaurant’s co-owner think about this ‘egg-piphany?’

“God is within us and he has different ways of showing it,” co-owner Gino Marino said.

As for the chances of something like this happening again?

“You could cut a million eggplants and you’d probably never see that again, it’s that rare,” Marino said.

Can you say ‘blessed?’

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