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Mavs in the Middle of NBA Free Agent Bonanza

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It appears the entire NBA is waiting for “The Decision: Part II.”

All the top free agents, including Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony, are waiting for LeBron James to make up his mind on where he’ll be taking his talents.

Well, The Mavericks aren’t standing still. They’ve signed Houston Rockets power forward Chandler Parsons. The deal: three years at $45-million. Taking a top player away from a division rival would be huge for the Mavs.

“Obviously, he was a tough match-up for us every time we played him,” Assistant Coach Kaleb Canales said.

Well, Parsons is a restricted free agent which means the Rockets will have 72-hours, once the deal is final, to match the Mavs’ offer.

So, here are some scenarios how it might go down:

If LeBron goes back to Miami, Bosh will probably follow suit and Houston will probably match the Mavericks’ offer and resign Parsons

But, if LeBron returns to Cleveland, Bosh is more likely to sign with the Rockets, but that wouldn’t leave Houston enough salary cap room to retain Parsons; Mavs win.

It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin, but Mavericks General Manager Donnie Nelson is keeping his cool.

“It`s just the price of NBA poker,” Nelson said. “You throw a card down, and you have three days to see if it`s gonna get matched.”

If Houston matches their hand?

“I can`t tell you which scenario is going to pan out but one of them will pan out,” Nelson explained.

“We will have a small forward with the Dallas Mavericks next year.”

Only time will tell how this scenario will play out.

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