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Bad Wig Bandit Busted

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FORTH WORTH, TX– Wiggin’ out! Remember the rash of Wig Bandit bank robberies last month? Well, Fort Worth PD say they’ve busted their bandit.

Cops first thought two chicks with bad hair were holding up banks across the city. You know, like Thelma & Louise.

Jessica Stell

Jessica Stell

Turns out, there is no Thelma. There is no Louise. Just Jessica Stell, who says she worked alone.

A Wise County Sheriff booked her into jail Wednesday on a drug charge and parole violation. That’s when she started singing like a caged bird, allegedly confessing that she pulled off all seven robberies to fund her heroin habit.

In a jailhouse interview, Stell estimated she stole around $25,000 and spent it all on drugs.

Stell reportedly says she’s embarrassed about the whole thing.

She should be. Those wigs were hideous.

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