July 5th Marks National Workaholics Day

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DALLAS, TX -- Here's a fun fact for you! This holiday weekend isn't just reserved for our nation's birthday.

Nope, it's also to honor all those hard working men and women out there. You know, the folks who skip lunch breaks and log extra hours after their shift. Yep, were talking to YOU!

July 5th marks National Workaholic's Day. According to a recent study by the International Labor Organization, Americans work 896 more hours per year than the Japanese, French, and British. How's that for overtime?

So, for all you guys at the office, we say, take a load off! This is your day to catch a movie or a snooze; shouldn’t be too hard to do on a Saturday. But, if you're a workaholic, then chances are ... YOU'RE STILL WORKING!