Immigration Protests Get Heated in Southern California

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Immigration Protests Get Heated in Southern California

“It’s about kids; I live over here in Murrieta!”

Opinions are heated and sides have been taken – the debate intensifies in California over the immigration crisis. On our nation’s birthday, passionate protestors exchanged verbal blows as another convoy of migrants made their way from the Texas border to southern California.

The transfer is intended to ease the strain on Texas. Yet, instead chaotic scenes are unfolding.

“This was our land; your kids came here illegally!” could be heard from one of the protestors.

Earlier this week, bus-loads of migrants headed to Murrieta, a community just outside of Los Angeles,  were forced to take another road when a blockade of demonstrators took to the streets.

On Thursday, Governor Rick Perry addressed the House Homeland Security Committee. “Officials who should be guarding the border are dealing with the overflow instead of fulfilling their primary task. So as a result, the border between the U.S. and Mexico is less secure today than any time in the recent past.”

President Obama has already asked Congress for $2 billion in emergency funds to respond to the issue. Obama is expected to make a stop in Dallas later in the week. Yet, it appears a trip to the border isn’t on the books.