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Sundance Square Limits ‘Fun Time’ In Fountains

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FORT WORTH — For children, it’s perhaps the best way to beat the summer heat — playing in a fountain.

Well, if you’re planning on cooling off in the fountains at Sundance Square, you better adjust your schedule.

Now, frolicking in the fountains will only be allowed for four hours of the day. That’s right, before 2:00P.M. and after 6:00P.M., the fountains will be for looking only.

Apparently, a lot of kids didn`t get the memo that Fort Worth is now limiting fountain fun time at the start of a holiday weekend. The children walked away dry and disappointed.

“We came out all the way from Mansfield, and he was looking forward to it,” mother Malia Weaver said. She and her son quickly learned of the new policy change.

“We`ve been wanting to come out here, and we just found out that he can`t play until two o`clock.”

Irene Ramos had to improvise with her two children. “I didn`t know, so we were going to come out here and hang out,” Ramos said. “[We] changed plans so now we`re going to go get ice cream and head back home.”

At least she had a good backup plan in place. Well, the fountain may just serve as one large bird bath during its non-frolic hours, but the city`s aim is to give everyone a chance to enjoy the fountain in silence is flooding social media.

As for the children, looks like it`s back home to splash in the sprinkler.​

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