Dallas County Announces Sites to Hold Undocumented Minors

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Migrant Children 'Crying' and 'Turning It Off'

DALLAS COUNTY-Almost one week after Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins announced his plan to provide shelter to thousands of unaccompanied minors, he revealed Thursday where they will be placed.

It appears Hulcy Middle School in Oak Cliff, an unused Parkland hospital building, and Lamar Alternative School in Grand Prairie are the finalists. But Jenkins stressed, before the sites are set in stone, he’ll need a thumbs up from the community.

“These are the three sites that we are continuing to expedite the final vetting and community involvement on,” Jenkins said.
Judge Jenkins spent Wednesday face-to-face with some of those migrant children during his trip to a detention center in McAllen.

“We saw children crying, I saw children zoned out and just turning it off, it was a heartbreaking situation to see,” he said.

Some 2,000-children will call Dallas home, at least temporarily.  They’ll start arriving in late July. The feds will pick up the tab for their education, health care and basic needs.

Local volunteer groups, along with federal agencies, will work together to figure out the future for these kids. Judge Jenkins has a message to those opposed to his swift action to help.

“I’m not concerned about the people that are angry and upset,” Jenkins explained. “My focus is on these children.”

One thing is for sure, their journey is far from over.