Twitter Fail: Dallas PD Retracts Tweet Claiming NFL Player was Arrested

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Twitter Fail: Dallas PD Retracts Tweet Claiming NFL Player Was Arrested

DALLAS — How’s this for a twitter fail? Early Sunday morning, a Dallas police officer tweeted Broncos cornerback and Berkner High School graduate, Aqib Talib, was arrested at a Dallas night club.

According to the tweet, Talib was arrested for “public intoxication” and was “throwing bottles causing a disturbance.”

The post produced some snide remarks. One person tweeted: “Step right up Aqib Talib, you are the first contestant on the broncos summer police blotter. congrats!”

While another added: “What an idiot. Great start to your Broncos career.”

As the re-tweet train rolled on, one post seemed to stop the Twitter traffic in its tracks.

ProFootballTalk tweeted: “Per agent Todd France, Aqib Talib was not arrested in dallas today. Aqib says it was his brother, Yaqub Talib.”

A few minutes later, the confirmation came straight from the officer’s feed.

“#Breaking correction – Yaqub Talib 31yrs old was arrested. My apologies to Aqib Talib. Original information reported was incorrect.”

Uh,  #oops? Guess you can call this a major fumble for the department. Hey, maybe they shouldn’t be so quick to pull the Twitter trigger.

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