Meet Nelson, the Vespa Riding Dog

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Meet Nelson, the Vespa Riding DogWhoa, Nelly! Looks like Big D has a new celebrity. Meet Nelson — the goggle wearing, Vespa riding pooch with a swagged out sense of style.

“We go everywhere on our Vespa, so when we got him, it was paramount that he come with us,” Nelson’s dad, James Butler, said.

“We went out to dinner last night, and people wanted to meet him; it just happens everywhere we go.”

“It’s something you wouldn’t expect to see here,” Louie Corwin said. He’s the owner of Method Coffee, where the trio often hangs out.

“He’s really friendly, super fluffy and kids, old people — he gets along with everybody. He’s a dog that probably should have been a human.”

The Goldendoodle dabbles in social media, too. When he got his own Instagram account, the love was really unleashed.

“I didn’t want to be ‘that mom’ and constantly be posting pictures on my Facebook of our new puppy,” Nelson’s mom, Genesis Lee, said. “We didn’t really promote it, but our friends did.”

“I feel like that sounds really hipstery, but it has been like a really organic growth of followers.”

Now, Nelson has over 3,000 followers; a lot of them seem to be other dogs. Wonder how he types clever hashtags with his paws?

“It’s safe to say that Nelson has more friends than we will ever have,” Lee jokingly said.

Just like any star, Nelson knows how to play it cool with the paparazzi.

“We’ll have a car right up next to us with someone trying to whistle at him or call him to look for their pictures or something,” Lee said. “But, he just blows them off, gives them the cold shoulder.”

Yeah that’s Nelson, one lucky dog.

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