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TX Democratic Convention Comes to Dallas

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Dallas, TX–Move over elephants, the donkeys are in town this weekend.

The Texas Democratic State Convention kicked off in Dallas Thursday, and folks came from all around the Lone Star State.

“We have folks from all across the State, folks that have driven 10-hours,” Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Manny Garcia said.

“There were 27 of us on the bus; we left at about four in the morning from Corpus Christi,” delegate Carmen L. Durón said.

“We just got a picture with Wendy Davis she’s wonderful!” delegate Addison Messer exclaimed.

At first glance, it might look like a fashion show.  Durón posed for pictures with her custom hat.

“It’s been a hat that I’ve had since I was in high school; my mother helped me fix it for a program many years ago,” Durón said.

These folks are debating some pretty pressing issues, like taking care of veterans.

“If we send people to war, we need to take care of them. Veterans make up a large population of homeless,” delegate Michael Messer said. “Some people, in some other party specifically, state that these poor people don’t need the benefits, that they’re not working hard enough.”

Then there’s the pro-choice debate. “Government should not tell a woman what she can or cannot do,” delegate Margarita Aguilar said.

Recent open carry protests caught a lot of Democrats’ attention.  Remember those AK-47’s in Chipotle?

“One of the lead members of Open Carry Texas has admitted the fact that, ‘yeah, it makes people anxious.’ Those [protests] will translate into someone who feels threatened, possibly taking action against someone who, in all honesty is just having a protest,” Messer added.

This is one convention the ladies aren’t getting left out of.

“Of course you’re going to have the conversation that it’s the year of the women. Laticia Van de Putte and Wendy Davis are at the top of our ticket,” Garcia said.

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