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Frisco Gun Club Hosts Ladies Night

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This isn’t your ordinary girls night out. Megan Bowen, Devin Gallegos, and Michele Thompson are aiming to have fun on Ladies Night every wednesday at the Frisco Gun Club. Don’t mess with these Texas women. They’re packing heat.

“It’s exciting to do it,” Gallegos says.

Whenever Bowen isn’t working at club, she is sharpening her target skills.  “I love it,” she says with enthusiasm.

Gallegos just turned 21; you would think she would be rushing to the liquor store. Nope.  “I was excited to be 21 so I could buy ammo,” Gallegos says with a smile.

Gallegos grew up hunting with her father, originally, then got hooked on shooting guns — now she does it for sport.

“It’s Olympic style shooting, it’s sport pistol — I shoot precision and rapid with it. At 25 meters is what we shoot. I can hit a bull’s eye,” Gallegos laughs.

More than 67,000 women got concealed carry permits last year.  “Lots more.  It seems each week we are getting more women,” Bowen explains.

Newcomer Thompson tries to get her friends in on the action.  “I want to bring my friends out,” Thompson said.

So are the boys intimidated by their little friends?

“He is a little now,” Bowen said, referencing her husband.

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