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Out Of Control Veganism: Mom Arrested for Neglected, Dehydrated Newborn

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Out Of Control Veganism: Mom Arrested for Neglected, Dehydrated Newborn

CASSELBERY, FL– A mom’s veganism was so out of control, it sent her infant to the hospital and mom, to jail.

Cops arrested 23 year-old Sarah Markham after she refused to bring her 12 day-old, dehydrated newborn to the hospital.

Turns out, the Florida woman follows a strict vegan diet, buying a soy-based formula from whole foods as a replacement for medicine provided by the pediatrician. Cops say she refused to use the medicine because it contained animal ingredients.

“Her explanation was she didn’t want her child ingesting any animal byproducts,’ an officer said.

The baby’s pediatrician told Markham that the infant needed to be admitted to the hospital within the hour. When mom and baby didn’t show up, the doctor called police who had to get help from a locksmith to get into Markham’s apartment, after she refused to answer the door.

They arrested the vegan and charged her with child neglect. The infant has been placed in protective custody.

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