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Girl Thrown From Moving Car Dies

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CROWLEY — They call it car surfing, where teens put themselves on top of moving cars — it doesn’t always end well.  A mom in Crowley knows that now.

Albert Garcia had just come out of his home when he saw six kids riding on the trunk of a neighbor’s car.  “She thought she was doing something that was fun for the kids,” Garcia explains.

Crowley police say Kisha Young, the mother of some of the kids, was driving while intoxicated; Garcia watched in horror as four of the children fell off of the car; he rushed to help.  “One of the girls had a big ‘ol cut on top her head. You could see her skull. I had one of the boys take their shirt off and put pressure on it because she was bleeding.  I mean, blood was just pouring down her head,” Garcia said.

Then Garcia saw a 12-year-old girl on the pavement — and his heart sank.  “She was lifeless. I tried to take her pulse… and she had a pulse. She was gurgling and that was hard to see,” Garcia said.

Three of the kids were rushed to Cook Children’s Medical Center by ambulance; the 12-year-girl was airlifted by helicopter.  The blunt force trauma to her head would kill her.  “We received official word that she had been taken from life support and had passed away,” Officer C.C. Meadows of the Crowley Police Department said.

The driver, Kisha Young, was already charged with intoxication assault with a vehicle, injury to a child, and driving while intoxicated. Now, she may also face vehicular homicide.

Turns out, the mother of the 12-year-old was in the passenger seat of the car and could face charges as well.  “The Crowley Investigators are now working with the Tarrant County District Attorney`s office to determine what and if any charges will be filed against the mother,” Meadows said.

Folks in Crowley still can’t believe what happened.  “Pretty dumb. Who in their right mind would let a kid ride on top of the car?  I don`t care how fast you are going…it`s just like, stupid,” Joanne Smith of Crowley said.

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