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Former Cop Found Guilty in Beating Case

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DALLAS-When you first saw the video, you might have made a snap judgment that a cop went too far.

Friday a jury took one last look at it and made it official with a guilty verdict!

You’ve heard everyone else’s version of what happened the night Rodarek Lyles was arrested.

Friday, we got it straight from the former cop on trial for “official oppression,” a misdemeanor.

“Every amount of force that we used was necessary force and it was only the necessary force,” Quaitemes Williams said on the stand in a Dallas County courtroom.

Williams told the jury Lyles was resisting the whole time cops were trying to arrest him.

“He’s going around with us like an army tank,” he said.

Earlier another cop who was at the scene testified that much force was not needed, since Lyles was already in handcuffs and on the ground.

Rodarek Lyles says he’s pleased with the guilty verdict.

“A dozen pre-k students could have taken care of this,” Lyles said.

Lyles got half a million dollar settlement from the city of Dallas.

Williams could get a year in prison when he’s sentenced on July 18.

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