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Fans Skip Work, Watch the World Cup

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Fans Skipping Work to Watch World Cup

One of the biggest soccer games in U.S. history, and somebody scheduled it right in the middle of a work day! What the heck?
Well, no red-blooded American is going let a thing like “responsibilities” stand in the way of supporting Team USA. The team`s head coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, tweeted out an official “excuse” to get die-hards out of work.

Even President Obama took in the game on Air Force One.

Well, we set out to see who was sticking it to the man, and taking in some soccer on Thursday.

“I`m in summer classes and I figured this was more important.” one mystery fan said.

Another fan, clad in the stars and stripes said he told his boss he was sick.
“Then he sent me a picture of my Facebook status saying I was going to the game.”
Oops! Busted.

Well, the Yanks never found the net and fell to the still unbeaten Germans 1-0.

However, thanks to a little help from Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal, USA still notched a spot in the Knockout Round, giving the fans something to cheer about.

USA will now take on Group H winner, Belgium, Tuesday at 3 PM and from here on out, it’s win or go home.

Wonder how many “sick” calls will be made then?

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