Missing Cyclist Found Dead At Lake Grapevine

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FLOWER MOUND- The search is over for 30-year-old Wesley Hixson at Lake Grapevine. Flower Mound Police Department found his body in a ravine, north east of Twin Coves Marina. The father of two was biking around the lake on a 23-mile trail Saturday morning.

“From what I’ve been told he was out cycling with some friends of his. He ended up having a crash and then got separated from them somehow and they reported him missing Saturday afternoon,” Officer Paul Boon with Flower Mound Police Department said.

The Arlington Fire Dept was out in force on this mission, as well. In part, because Hixson’s father is a lieutenant with the department.  Searching has been tough; terrain is dense and rain has soaked the dirt roads leaving folks slugging through mud to try and find Hixson. Now that the search is over, the grieving has just begun for his family.