Dallas Says ‘So Long’ to Mayors Across the Country

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Dallas, TX–It was “so long” for a multitude of mayors who came to Big D for the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

“The trip was outstanding,” Mayor Luigi Boria of Doral, Florida said.  “We learned so much from the people here.”

That’s right, hundreds of mayors—all together here in Dallas. These policy makers are pretty proud of their cities.

“Doral is a small city just a few miles away from the airport, we have 50,000 people,” Boria said.

“They would’ve seen the Red Stick about two weeks ago when we hosted the Miss USA pageant,” Baton Rouge, Louisiana Mayor Melvin ‘Kip’ Holden said.

“We have a beautiful harbor, lots of natural resources,” Mayor Harry Rilling of Norwalk, Connecticut said.  “We have a very diverse community.”

“Killeen’s a thriving community, we’ve grown by 47% in the last decade,” Killeen Mayor Scott Cosper added.

Mayors put their heads together to bring ideas back home.

“You hear things that you might not ever hear in your city; you hear people talk about how they turn this whole country around,” Holden said.

“We share a lot of the same challenges and concerns whether it’s transportation, water, education,” Cosper added.

Sounds like plenty of important topics. Who could forget jazzercise-mayor edition?  Mayors kicked off the conference with dance exercise last week.  Looks like these mayors were living it up.  In fact, they were wined and dined, kicked back to private concerts.

The conference even rented out AT&T stadium. Hey! How much does a shindig like this cost?

“[I’m] Very, very happy that I did come,” Rilling said.  “It feels good because we all experience the same kinds of problems, whether we’re from a big city or a small city.”

Hey, the last time the U.S. Conference of Mayors came to Dallas was in 1966.  Wonder how long ’til they’ll be saying “so long” next time around.