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Price Squeeze Lifted on Limes

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Happy Hour Saved As Limes Come Back!Dallas – The dog days of summers are nearly here. Yet, we have learned to survive and thrive in the heat with a little help.

Mexico may have invented the margarita, but North Texas has definitely put its own spin on it. It’s crazy how some alcohol, a dash of salt and some limes can really lift your spirits.

Plenty of smiles are on tap at your favorite bars and restaurants, now that the price of limes have dropped. Last year, a bad crop in Mexico and Florida caused a noticeable spike. The district manager of the Blue Goose Cantina on lower Greenville Avenue explained how just a few months ago, prices for the small, green fruit were 10-times higher than in previous years.

Matt Mottimer said the local Tex-Mex hangout did everything to save in order keep costs to the customers down.

“We were slicing the limes a little smaller to put in beers and doing things like that. We were trying to conserve,” Mortimer added.

With all that behind us, happy hour is once again a reason to celebrate during the lazy days of summer. A little trip down to Margaritaville sounds so nice.

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