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Officers to Round Up People with Domestic Violence Warrants

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DALLAS COUNTY — You just might hear a cop knocking on your door if you have an outstanding warrant for domestic violence.

“We’re coming after you,” Major Rob Sherwyn of Dallas Police said at a news conference announcing the roundup.

Yep, Dallas PD and the sheriff’s office are on a roundup, looking for more than 250 people with unserved warrants for domestic violence.

“We’re going to search for you and if you’re wanted, we’re going to find you,” Sherwyn said.

“We will never be safe on our streets if we are not safe in our own homes,” Jan Lanbein of the Genesis Women’s Shelter said.

It can be a life or death issue.

It was back in 2012, when Deanna Cook made a call to 911. It wasn’t the *first* or *second* time she had called, saying her ex-husband was stalking her. But a nine minute call was her last. Her family found her body 2 days later. Her ex-husband is still awaiting trail for murder.

Domestic violence is a personal cause for Mayor Mike Rawlings. Last year, he led a campaign to stop domestic violence.

“We all have daughters. We have mothers. We have wives. We have mothers-in-law. When I look at those women and realize this could happen to one of them, it breaks my heart,” Rawlings said in an interview on March 18, 2013.

Maybe the threat of jail time will convince some guys to think before they hit.

Hey, let’s keep them behind bars this time. Five of the inmates accidentally set free recently were arrested for domestic violence.

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