‘Ex’ Files: $5000 Buys Date with Ex Lookalike on Match.com

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‘Ex’ Files: $5000 Buys Date with Ex Lookalike on Match.ComBreakups: they’re often messy, emotional and complicated.

But, if you could, would you be interested in dating someone who looked like your ex?

“No,” Dallas resident Antonio McQuen said emphatically. “I broke up with my exes for a reason. So, I don’t want anybody that’s just like them.”

“It would be really awkward,” Laura Ferman added. “I wouldn’t be very comfortable with that.”

Well, if the flames for your former love are still flickering — there’s hope for you! That is, if you’re willing to pay.

Dallas-based Match.com has hooked-up with another dating site, Three Day Rule. Their mission – to pair you with a lookalike, based off a picture of one of your exes. The company would in turn, find a suitable match that has similar facial features. The process would entail facial recognition technology.

Talk about the “ex” files!

“If it can be one that brings people together, it’s worth a try,” Vincent Jackson said.

Okay, here’s the catch – this match-making service will set you back a whopping $5,000!

That’s one *ex*pensive rebound!

“No! I ain’t doing that,” McQuen said. “You going to pay me. They can date me for $5000!”

Before you get your hopes up, you need to know that this dating doppelganger service doesn’t start until June 25th. Right now, it’s limited to Los Angeles,  New York and Chicago. Sorry, did we just add to your heartbreak?

“Uh, no thank you,” Ferman said.

Well, for what it’s worth – the two faces of Ben & Jerry’s guarantee comfort, and cost under five bucks!

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