After Mysterious Letter, Colorado Woman Finds Birth Father Through Facebook!

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After Mysterious Letter, Colorado Woman Finds Birth Father Through Facebook

WESTMINSTER, CO — Melissa Plessinger received an anonymous letter about a month ago that changed her life.

“Melissa, there is a question about your birth that you should ask your mother as she is the only person who is able to answer it for you,’ the letter read.

It claimed that the man she had known for 47 years as her father… wasn’t. Plessinger confronted her mother.

‘My mom told me it was true,’ she said. ‘That Bob wasn’t really my dad and that, I’m trying not to cry, that his name was David Hall.”

So Plessinger, filled with questions, set out to find her birth father. Like anyone in this digital age, she turned to Facebook, posting a picture of her holding a sign with David Hall’s name.

Just two days later, she had a message that would bring her closer to finding her birth father

And from that message, Plessinger was connected with her birth father, discovering that he had been on leave from the military when he dated her mom. He was sent back out, and by the time he got back, Plessinger’s mom had married someone else.

Now, she and her birth father are both trying to make sense of life’s little curveball.

‘It’s weird to have half of your family stripped away and all that,’ she said.

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