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Vandals Egg Sex Offender’s Home in University Park

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UNIVERSITY PARK-Hollywood`s on egg-shells! Looks like Justin Bieber could be charged with criminal vandalism for egging his neighbor`s mansion. Well, closer to home it appears we have our own local eggers targeting a resident in the University Park neighborhood. But cops were surprised when they got the call to investigate because it came from a convicted sex offender!

“It’s pretty rare for someone who comes in and registers as a sex offender brings this much attention to himself,” said Lita Snellgrove, Public Information Officer for the University Park Police Department.

Robert Coleman’s sex offender status made headlines in the Park Cities paper back in 2010 when they discovered his criminal record.

Court records show Coleman was convicted of three counts of sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child back in the ’80s and was sent to prison. He was accused of another sexual assault case in 2007 but that case was later dismissed.

Cops say he has lived in the neighborhood for over 30 years and always shows up for his quarterly mandatory sex offender check-ins.

But once he was “outed,” he told cops he’s become a target for vandalism. He’s had his windows broken and eggs thrown at his house. Cops say they’ve caught some of the folks who did it.

“People will be prosecuted if we do catch them committing criminal mischief on his property or whatever they are doing they will be prosecuted,” said Snellgrove.

We tried to get Coleman`s side of the story, but he wasn`t home. Guess he doesn’t feel “egg-xactly” welcome in the neighborhood.

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