Explorers Try To Recover WW2 Plane From Lake Michigan

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Explorers Try To Recover WW2 Plane From Lake Michigan

LAKE MICHIGAN, MI — It’s been almost 50 years since this plane crashed. And these guys aren’t stoppin’ their quest for anything. They’re a part of the recovery team dedicated to recovering a pretty special underwater aircraft– a World War II bomber that crashed into Lake Michigan nearly a half a century ago.

During the war, the Great Lakes served as a training ground for pilots learning to land on short runways. The pilot of this P-2 bomber obviously had some trouble but managed to survive the crash. The plane has survived all these years, underwater.

Now, the salvage experts leading this mission hope to raise money to fully recover the plane, and put it on display in Chicago.

And their search brings perspective to another underwater mission. The ongoing search for MH370 off the coast of Australia. And just like this recovery, it might take longer than hoped.