Wendy Davis Announces Economic Plans for Texas

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FORT WORTH – Make way for the wind — Wendy Davis that is.

The gubernatorial candidate is bringing her gust back to Fort Worth to talk jobs. Something she’s all too familiar with after pulling a switch-a-roo with her campaign manager.

However, the Democrat, known nationwide for her fetal filibuster, is now focused on the state economy.

Tuesday she spoke out about her plan to get good paying gigs for folks in Texas. Another crowd pleaser — equal pay for equal work. That subject is one her opponent Greg Abbott said he’d veto.

“I believe we’re at a pivotal moment in Texas history where we need a leader who will fight everyday for all hardworking Texans,” said Davis.

Now, the pressure is on. Por que?

Her competition just released his first political ad for this race, and it’s Spanish.

The gloves are off, and it looks like it’s going to be a long fight for the top spot.