Six Flags Invites Special Guest To The Park

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Six Flags Invites Special Guest To The Park

Arlington- Most the time when you take the family to Six Flags you’ve got to deal with long lines, and hot temperatures. Well, one special kid got to skip the lines and be a VIP with the big Bunny himself. Nine-year-old Ben Pierce is losing his sight, and his parents asked what he wanted to see before he lost his vision completely so Ben put together his bucket list.

“When he made his wish list we thought we would be able to pull off one or two wishes.” said Ben’s mom Heidi Pierce.

Ben’s list is not what you’d expect from a kid who hasn’t hit double digits. He wants to see the Eiffel Tower, the Northern Lights, and, of course, Big Ben. Although Ben is going blind, he didn’t think any of those things were out of sight for him. Not all of Ben’s wish list would take him across the globe; he also wanted to go to Six Flags Over Texas.

“Ben’s story has touched so many people’s hearts that we felt that it was only appropriate to share this special moment,” said Six Flags representative Sharon Parker.

After hearing about Ben’s story, the folks at Six Flags jumped at the chance to show Ben around the park.

The people at Six Flags had one more thrill for Ben, giving him and his family season passes to the park so they can come any time they want. Ben is still working on seeing everything on his list but today he can mark this one off.