Planning for the Future; ‘New Cities Summit’ held in Dallas

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Dallas, TX–Instead of going back to the future, New Cities Foundation is planning for it.

“It’s planning for the very long term,” New Cities Foundation Founder and Chairman John Rossant said.  “[We’re] dedicated to making cities around the world better places to live and work.  We bring together mayors, city officials, architects, city planners, technologists…”

This think-tank of urban experts is out to make cities the cool place to live.  After summits in Paris and São Paulo, for the first time, folks from all over the world came to Big D.

“We are from Belgium and I am from Brussels,” said participant and contest finalist Tanguy Goretty.

“I am from Shanghai, China,” participant and professor Zhiyong Fu said.

“We have hundreds of people from dozens of countries.” added Catherine Cuellar, CEO of the Dallas Arts District.

Hey, there’s no DeLorean parked outside this convention, but these folks are transforming transportation.

“In the future, we’ll be able to pick someone up on the road without even thinking about it, because the car will be able to tell the driver to pick up a passenger just by pushing a button,” Goretty said.  “It’s only five to ten years away.”

Let’s face it…With everyone bumming it to the ‘burbs, Re-imagining Cities is working 24/7 to make urban living like a one stop shop.

“Everything from sustainable rooftop gardening, to smartphone technology application in India during the limited hours when water is available, so that they have all that they need to drink,” Cuellar explained.

“Cities are our next big thing on our planet, we have to get them right if we’re to kind of survive as a human race,” Rossant said.

Oh, and one other thing…

“Go Belgium!” Belgium native Goretty said.

Hey, they beat Algeria…Let’s see if they keep that up.