Former Cowboy Released from Jail to Enter Rehab

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Former Dallas Cowboy Released from Jail to Enter RehabVALLEY RANCH- Just days after former Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent was released from jail and transferred to a rehab facility, there’s talk of a second stint with the Cowboys.

Brent retired from the team months before being convicted of intoxication manslaughter for the fiery crash that killed his teammate Jerry Brown Jr.

The Cowboys say they would consider bringing Brent back. Looks like his teammates are also ready to forgive and forget.

“Josh is a good friend of mine, I’d love to have him back on the team. He’s a good guy,” said Dwayne Harris, Wide Receiver for the Dallas Cowboys.

There’s no question, Brent screwed up big time! Hey, if they’re thinking about reinstating this guy what kind of example will da boys be setting?

“He needs to get his life straight, get his life in order and any discussion about his return is really a conversation between him and the league,” said Cowboy’s Head Coach, Jason Garrett.

But if Brown’s mom can forgive Brent for the death of her son, maybe he’s got a future on the field.

Wonder what the Cowboy’s handbook has to say about that!