Dr. Oz Attacked in Weight Loss Product Controversy

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Are Weight Loss Companies Tricking Us With Worthless Products?
WASHINGTON, D.C. – There’s weight loss drama on the Hill and Dr. Mehmet Oz is in the center of it; along with a handful of weight loss supplement companies.

The companies are accused of tipping the scales by allegedly tricking folks who are trying to get trim, with worthless products promising weight loss.

And what about all those products with Dr. Oz’s face on the label, claiming he’s giving these pills and supplements the thumbs up?

Dr. Oz testified Tuesday in a Senate hearing that he’s never endorsed a product.

“These ads take money from trusting viewers, many of whom believe that I’m actually selling these items,” Dr. Oz said. “Just to be clear, in case it comes up, I have never sold supplements.”

This matter brings up the question – what tactics will people take to take off pesky pounds?

“I did the high protein, high fat diet where you pretty much eat meat,” James Che said.

“Just eating yogurt for like a straight week or two for dieting,” Kelly Pham said. “And maybe just drinking tea.”

So if things don’t scale down, can the FDA ban fat scams?

You’ll just have to weight it out