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Three Dallas County Inmates Freed by Mistake

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Three inmates were let out of Dallas County Jail by mistake, Dallas Police said on Friday.

According to investigators, Willie Brown, James Langley, and Jose Morquecho all got ‘Get out of Jail Free’ cards when the department’s new record-keeping system experienced a glitch. Maj. Scott Bratcher with Dallas Police, discussed the bugs at a recent briefing.

“A lot of it is user error,” Maj. Bratcher said. “As soon as problems came up, we began investigating to see why we’re having these problems.”

All three inmates were locked up, accused of burglary and theft. Got to love technology! Reports indicate the men were let go because the cases weren’t filed in time.

“Sometimes, these things just happen,” Dallas resident, Kevin Mathis, said. “With computers, there’s no guarantee. It’s unfortunate for the people that had to deal with that.”

Marvin Martin agreed. “They should go on and get time served because it’s not their fault they got caught up; it was a clerical error, so go on give me my time served.”

Yet, these inmates aren’t getting off that easy. Cops are out looking for the ‘lucky’ trio.

“I hope they appreciate the freedom they have right now and don’t take it for granted, because freedom is precious,” Mathis added.

The men should enjoy the fresh air while it lasts because while all three may have ‘Get out of Jail Free’ cards, eventually, it will be game over. All three currently have warrants for their arrests.

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