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Seeing Smoke? Cliffhanger House On Lake Whitney Set On Fire

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LAKE WHITNEY-Well folks, the most anticipated fire in the great state of Texas has gone off without a flicker.

Yep, the cliffhanger house on the verge of plummeting 75-feet into Lake Whitney was set ablaze Friday morning.

Workers soaked bales of hay in diesel fuel, and flung flares into the home to get phase one of the tear down started. About 45-minutes into the burn, the home was fully engulfed in hues of orange and yellow. Then, it all came tumbling down.

Neighbors and a boatload of onlookers watched, as the flames brought the house down. Hey can you pass the marshmallows?

“Ain’t gonna see this every day, probably ain’t gonna see it again in our lifetime,” one resident said as he witnessed the burning house.

All kidding aside, now it’s the homeowners turn to feel the burn — in their pocket books. They have to foot the bill for the demolition and the cleanup. Talk about a million dollar mess.

It gets worse. The couple has insurance, but apparently it only covers events like flood and fire damage; not the earth moving under your house.

Wait, did we say fire? Nope, doesn’t count if you burn your own house down.

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