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BOTOX: The Gift of Youth For Father’s Day

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456796313With Father’s Day just around the corner, it might be time to rethink buying that cheesy tie and pair of socks for dear ole dad. According to an Ebates survey, what dads really want is to stay young at heart.
Laptops, and iPads top the survey. But for some dads, the best gift might come in the form of a needle. BOTOX and aesthetic procedures are starting to become popular gifts for fathers.
Don Pelham, a father of three girls, said it would be a great gift. He said BOTOX has given him an edge at work, where the youth are often setting the pace.

“It’s the gift that keeps dad giving,” Pelham said. “If we look good, we feel good, and everyone should know if dad’s feeling good, he’s spending more money on the family.”

Pelham recalled when the term ‘metrosexual’ surfaced. “Not sure who came up with that, but there was a definite turning point when man said, ‘You know I don’t have to look old and weathered like a leather glove I can stay youthful and enjoy the things you know that are fun in life,” he said jokingly.
Mary Crosland, co-author of Navigate Your Beauty, explained the mentality behind the BOTOX.
“Over the last three to five years, you’ve seen a really big increase in men having aesthetic procedures done,” Crosland said.
“Anything from BOTOX to nose jobs, to preserve their youth and make them look better.”

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