Houston, You Have Problems

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No love loss at 30,000 feet.

Houston resident Lashonda Williams said she was involved in a heated exchange with another passenger. The shouting match happened on a plane bound for the Bayou city.

According to Williams, it was over phone etiquette.

“She said you need to put your phone away, the passenger who was along side of me. And I said ‘look lady, you don’t know me. I don’t know you. Could you please just say nothing to me?”

Williams said a war of insults soon ensued and led to the plane being diverted back to the nashville airport, where she was booked on assault charges.


A Renaissance of sorts is taking place in Houston’s Midtown.

While driving through the urban community, it will be hard to miss a giant-sized painting of a heavenly figure. The replica of ‘The Creation’ appears on the side of a building on San Jacinto. It’s boasted as the largest mural in the city’s history. The artist says he copied Michelangelo’s masterpiece with some slight modifications because he wants people to feel something.

We feel something alright, and it’s not pride.

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