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Cheerleading Goes Varsity

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2…4…6…8 What just become a sport today? Cheerleading!

That’s right, the University Interscholastic League just approved a pilot program that will make game day cheerleading a competitive varsity sport. This is not to be confused with competitive cheerleading, confused yet? Here is a tip: Pom Poms, game day cheerleading, no pom-poms, competitive cheerleading.

“Our cheerleaders always support everyone else and we never get the opportunity from our school perspective to represent our school the way we want as far as on a competitive basis,” says Marcus High School coach Nema House.

“we would be able to have fun while competing in a friendly way,” says Marcus freshman Jenna Haney.

Cheerleaders say this UIL victory will help shake up those “Negative Nancy’s” who say cheer isn’t a sport.

“Whenever I told people I’m a cheerleader they kind of take it as ‘oh your a cheerleader, your not an athlete’ and that kind of hurts,” says Marcus freshman Kyle Erwin “People don’t realize how much like work and heart and hours we put into this.”

“I dare anybody to come into one of our cheer gyms or even our sidelines or one of our pep rallies,” says House. “And challenge our girls or our boys and tell them they are not athletes.”

We’re not taking that dare- and ttheset girls are only in 9th grade! And with poker on ESPN these days, whose to say what is or isn’t a sport anyway. Hey, can Tony Romo do this?

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