Home Invasion Caught on Video Game Webcam

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Home Invasion Caught on Video Game Webcam

PHOENIX, AZ– You wouldn’t expect a call from Europe to report a robbery in Arizona.
But foreign 911 calls may have saved a woman’s life.

At five in the morning, one online gamer is at her webcam when someone storms in. Seconds later, a man with a gun walks in front of the camera.

All over the world, those had been gaming with her watch as the invasion unfolds and begin to call police. The first caller was from Europe, who called someone they knew in the U.S. to reach cops.

“By these people calling in is what really saved them, is what made our response get here very quickly,’ said one Tempe policeman.

The police arrived and arrest one suspect, while one manages to get away. Cops say had they not gotten to the apartment in time, the alleged burglars planned to take the victim and her roommate to an ATM to get money.

Thankfully, the gamers were quick-thinkers outside the virtual world, too.