Formal complaint filed against Kung Fu Saloon

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DALLAS – Let the ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ begin. Dallas City Hall is stepping in to investigate whether Kung Fu Saloon is discriminating on who gets in, and who doesn’t.
Weeks ago, DeAndre Upshaw went Uptown to the bar to meet up with friends. However, he says he wasn’t allowed inside.

“When I walked up to the front door, the bouncers told me that they couldn’t admit me in because I was wearing shoes with high tops,” said Upshaw. “And I literally thought the guy was kidding.”

What was more surprising to Upshaw, who happens to be black, is what his friends, who are white, were wearing.

“Several people at the party I was meeting were wearing shoes with high tops,” said Upshaw.

Upshaw took his Kung Fu fight to Dallas City Council, and a few of them made a happy hour trip to check whether Upshaw and his high tops should’ve been let in.

“According to what I saw in the club, he was properly dressed for the type of activity that goes on in the inside,” said Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway.

The City of Dallas says someone has now filed a formal complaint against Kung Fu.
Kung Fu has since released the following statement:

“Accounts of what may have taken place vary” … “our team is fully committed to providing all our patrons an enjoyable time.”

Is ‘Kung Fu’ worth the fight?