Could Dallas Host 2024 Summer Olympics?

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DALLAS-The city of Dallas is getting ready to flex its big muscles, this time for a chance to host the 2024 summer Olympics!


The U.S. Olympic Committee met Tuesday in Boston to narrow down the list of potential cities vying to win Olympic gold.


Dallas is in a race with Boston, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.


We can see it now, busier airports, bumper to bumper to bumper commutes and a big ol’ Olympic village right in the middle of the city.


And what about the athletes, would you want to run a 100-meter race in 110 degree Texas heat? Yeah, right. Neither would we.

“I think if it`s the beginning of the summer or spring, before June we’ll be alright, later than that may be a little toasty,” said Shiloh Garbisch


One thing’s for sure, even if Dallas wins the U.S. race, it’ll still have to compete with international hot spots like Paris, Rome or Berlin and we’re not talking about their weather!