Can Your Blankie Protect You In An Emergency?

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK-When you think of a blanket you want it to be comfortable, you want it to keep you warm, but do you expect it to save your life? Uh, no!

Hey, that was before The Bodyguard Blanket! It’s designed to shield kids from tornado debris and bullets. The blanket allows kids to have a fighting chance if their school zone turns into a danger zone.

Developer, Steve Walker wanted to help defenseless students and teachers trapped in unsafe situations. He noted incidences like the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and the Moore, Oklahoma tornado that devastated two elementary schools.

So Walker invented a security blanket, created from the same bulletproof material that protects soldiers in combat.

“We wanted our children to have a layer of protection immediately. They can be stored in the classroom and when seconds count they can be easily applied,” Steve Walker said. Students put the blanket on the same way they would a backpack and buckle themselves in around the waist.

Looks pretty cool, right? Well these blankets cost a $1,000, seems like a bargain to protect the lives of innocent children.

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