Irving Teen Overdoses on K2

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When Billie Jean Huffman came home Saturday night, she was confronted with a scary sight — Her goddaughter was having a seizure.

The cause? An apparent overdose of K2.

“The paramedics said that if we hadn’t of come home when we came home, we might’ve had a brain death or a death.” Huffman said.

So, how does a 13-year-old get ahold of K2? Well, unfortunately it’s not that hard in Dallas-Fort Worth. Just last week, the DEA pulled thousands of packets of K2 off the shelves of local “Gas Pipe” smoke shops. The massive bust also yielded over $3 million from various bank accounts, a house in Highland Park and several luxury cars.

Huffman said a 23-year old woman, described as a “friend of the family,” gave the drug to the teen. A scenario, Irving Police said should alarm parents.

“I think the important thing to remember, is for parents, to be very aware of who their children are hanging with, playing with,” Irving Child Abuse Detective Stephen Lee said.

“Be aware of their friends, and keep up with their children’s activities.”

These K2 overdoses just keep happening, and when we spoke with DEA special agent Dan Salter, he pointed to the way the manner in which the substance is created by the dealers.

“Their way of testing to make sure they have it right is to smoke it and if they get the results they want then they package it and sell it,” Salter explained.

“If it’s not strong enough, they add more. But, they don’t ever take out, so if it’s too strong, unfortunately, we’ve had overdose deaths throughout the nation.”

The Irving teen is now out of the hospital, but the lesson here is clear: stay away from K2.

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