Texas GOP Adds “Gay Reparative Therapy” to Party Platform

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Leave it to the Texas Republicans to take a hard stance on gay rights. At their convention in Fort Worth over the weekend, the GOP adopted language into their bylaws that support “reparative therapy”.

A notion that gay people can turn straight through psychological treatment.

It’s an extremely controversial topic, one Cathie Adams said is possible. Adams is the President of the Texas Eagle Forum, and she said she knows a success story.

“I have a friend in my own precinct who has had the advantage of having reparative therapy,” Adams said. “He wrote this resolution and asked if I would help him get around the state.”

New Jersey and California have outright banned the practice, and many others in Dallas are strongly against the stance.

“Well, it’s been proven that gay conversion therapy doesn’t work,” Dallas resident Kenneth Nading said.
“All studies have proven this, the only study that said it might work was actually rescinded by its own participants and scientists involved.”

Guess we’ll just see what affect, if any, the platform has on the party in the polls.