Sen. Cruz Wins TX GOP Straw Poll; Delegates Debate Tough Topics

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On the final day of the Texas Republican Convention, the party pulled out the big guns.

No, we’re not talking about Open Carry Tarrant County guns; rather political hot-buttons that tend to trigger heated debate – immigration and gay rights.

On the gay agenda, the party debated platform issues to include whether Republicans should “come out” in support of what they call “reparative therapy;” essentially rehabilitation to turn homosexuals into heterosexuals.

Although some within the party argued that position could alienate some party voters.

Also on the platform agenda – immigration reform. State Sen. Dan Patrick addressed the delegates, calling for bold action on the issue.

“We’re debating a policy on guest workers – like we had in World War II when our men went to war, we were borrowing a lot of labor from Mexico,” delegate Michael Jones said.

“Mostly, this is a matter of national security state sovereignty and not about employment or labor.”

It may appear that the Texas GOP is tightening its conservative belt, and the proof is in the polls.

Sen. Ted Cruz emerged the winner of the Presidential Straw Poll. Perhaps that means the Grand Old Party now prefers TEA to tradition.

“Your way of thinking now, makes a big impact on the influence we have on society coming up,” delegate Eva Pantle

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