Jonathon’s Oak Cliff, a community favorite

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Just a stone throw from the Bishop Arts area, Jonathon`s Oak Cliff, has become a community favorite. Set in what seems like a quaint house, Jonathon’s feels like your having food at a friend’s place. That is, if your friend happens to be a great cook.

Jonathon and Christine Erdelijac have been married 13-years, and both have been in the food industry even longer.  So, when it came time to open their own place three years ago, it was a no brainer. They knew they would be spending a lot of time at their restaurant, and wanted to make it feel like home.
chickenWaffleOne of the most unique things about the family eatery, is what Jonathon refers to as an ‘obnoxious’ piece of chicken on a waffle. Their chicken waffle is covered with gravy, and has become the restaurant’s menu staple.

Their popularity has lead to national spotlight, with a feature on the Food Network’s Food Court Wars. After the show, the culinary couple realized it might be time to start their next venture. They plan to open another restaurant in Kessler Park, sometime this year.

If you are in the neighborhood, check out Jonathon’s at 1111 N Beckley Ave, Dallas, TX 75203