DEA Targets “Gas Pipe” in Massive K2 Bust

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The hits just keep on coming in the fight against synthetic marijuana also known as “spice” or “K2”.

This week, federal agents seized thousands of packets of K2 off the shelves of a number of Gas Pipe smoke shops all over North Texas.

Guess you just can’t trust those “legitimate” smoke shops like you used to.

Special Agent in charge, Dan Salter, acknowledge the shops have legitimate, legal products. “They just unfortunately were selling illegitimate merchandise that we confiscated.”

In the massive bust, the DEA seized more than K2, agents also took luxury cars, a million dollar home in Highland Park, and more than $3-million in three dozen bank accounts.

“It’s incumbent on us now to prove them guilty,” Salter said. “We’ve just put a complaint together to seize them, and it will be incumbent upon us to prove it was purchased with illegal proceeds.”

The folks the feds want to prove guilty reportedly manufactured K2 in a room at the Gas Pipe’s Maple Avenue location in Dallas. The alleged kingpin, Lawrence Shahwan, is already in jail facing federal drug charges.

Despite the big bust, all the Gas Pipe shops are still open for business, hopefully with a little less “spice”.​