20 Years and 2 Kids Later, Mom Gets HS Diploma

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Dallas, TX–Most high school seniors are concerned about stuff like prom, college, and hiding unsightly acne.  One grad has bigger fish to fry.

“After being out of school 20 years, I’ve graduated,” Roosevelt High graduate, Kianna Hawkins said.

After 20 years and two kids, Hawkins is finally walking across that stage.  Her mother smiled as she helped Hawkins put on her cap and gown.  She can’t forget the moment she failed her state-mandated math test back in 1994.

“It tore me down,” Hawkins said.  “I’ll never forget, I laid right on the sofa and I said okay, ‘they’re getting ready to walk across the stage,’ and I cried. I was ashamed of it for a very, very long time.”

One day, that all changed.

“My supervisor said there was a permanent position available at work and I broke down and said, I don’t have my high school diploma and she said ‘no, I want you to get it.’”

She had some backup.  Her 14-year-old tutored her, and her 12-year-old stood by.

“Because my son is a special needs kid, he just knows mommy’s graduating, and he’s very excited.” “Well, it made me feel good to know that she didn’t give up,” her mother, Alecia Hawkins said.  “I’d probably still be in school.”

They are making some space on the mantle for this grad’s pic.

“Mine will be right in between,” Hawkins said, pointing at her children’s graduation photos. “I finally got the courage. I got tired of it being my monster.  I said, ‘you’re not going to frighten me anymore.’”

Now she’s thinking about college. Hey, you get an A-plus from us, Kianna!